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Strength and Conditioning (S&C) is a key component to accomplishing life tasks, professional tasks, and personal protection.

Life requires you to be in good condition in order to maintain an active lifestyle.  Throughout our lives we run, jump, lift, and some of us even swim.  I hear people say, “I remember when I was younger and had so much more energy.” I can tell you from experience you can continue to have that childlike energy by working out regularly (your recovery time may be a little longer).  If you really want to push the envelope, join a CrossFit affiliate in your local area (shameless plug).

If your a involved in an active profession then you have NO EXCUSE!  It saddens me to see professionals who are responsible for protecting the lives of others and it looks like their last workout was lifting cake and ice cream for max reps.  Strength and conditioning isn't just for sport athletes, it's for EVERYONE.  Am I saying everyone should be a CrossFit games competitor? No, but at least be able to walk the streets without panting.  Following a simple and steady S&C program will also minimize injury and helps in preventing sickness.

If you can't move weight, run, push, or pull, then how do you expect to SURVIVE a violent encounter?  In previous post I talk about three tool boxes: emotional, psychological, and physical. The physical toolbox includes strength and conditioning, it is truly a game changer.  If you look at MAA fighters, they have great skill, but the difference between winners and losers are the high levels are their conditioning.  TAKE NOTE!

BTW:  If you are a parent, give the gift of physical activity (especially sports) to your child to help them develop life long habits for staying in shape.  It will enhance their confidence and make them mentally tougher to deal with life's pressures as they get older.  See CrossFit Kids for a S&C program developed for “Forging the Future of Fitness”

Train HARD

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