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Defensive Firearms Training Is Our Primary Focus…
Dear Friend,
There are many ways to learn how to use a firearm.
But, only a few ways are geared towards preparing you for the Worst Case Scenario.

By worst case scenario we mean a scenario that is Surprising, Chaotic, and Threatening.

  • Surprising: You didn't know it was going to happen
  • Chaotic: You don't know what is going to happen next
  • Threatening: There is a viable threat that requires you to respond with lethal force or serious bodily harm in order to save your life or the lives of others (including you family) These components make up what we call, The “Dynamic Critical Incident.”

Our courses are designed to help you deal with any violent situation you find yourself in with the least amount of time, effort, and energy.

Take a look below for our course descriptions. Feel free to contact us at to get your question answered. See you on the Training Grounds! 10X Defense Team

Defensive Firearms Courses Provided

Our courses are designed to help you deal with any violent situation you find yourself in with the least amount of time, effort, and energy.

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Courses will be announced 30 Days prior to the live course.

To ensure you have the best experience possible, class sizes are a maximum of 6 students (unless you host a private course).

If you have any questions feel free to send an email to to get your questions answered.





“Omari Broussard's course is outstanding. It combines and balances mental and physical training in a unique and extraordinary way. Omari's instructing style is dynamic, informative and his style makes it easy for the student to retain the information and techniques. I highly recommend 10XDefense and Omari Broussard for all levels of shooters. Through his instruction, you will learn the balance of speed and precision.” 
Justin Lopez


Armed Professionals – Orlando, Fl.
Combat Focus Shooting – San Diego, Ca.
Couples Training – Phoenix, Az.
Women's Only Course – Ogden, UT
“CFS was a great class that was well-instructed to cater to even the greenest of individuals but at the end of the training left them just as adept as some other individuals in the class. It also provided me knowledge and confidence in handling the firearm for this application. Would recommend to anyone of any experience level.”
Ruben Hipolito

College Student

Signed up for course, didn't expect that it was going to be like this. Awesome training, learned so much and corrected a lot of mistakes. I recommend these courses!
Sandro Auger

US Navy

“I completed the Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting.  Flippin' awesome class! We were on the range A LOT. i never felt unsafe, even during the drills involving direction changes and movement. All our weapons were cleared and doubled checked before taking lunch and before finishing up the class. Safety is no accident. Omari and Mike did a great job leading the class through the drills. I found myself heightening my attentiveness every time they switched off leading the drills. My class was a great group of guys with a wide variety of skill levels. It was one gentleman's second time on a range ever and another that is SDPD. When we finished, we ALL agreed we walked away learning new things and we all had FUN. I am saving for my next 10x Defense class.”
Jerry Kams


“This was a GREAT class. More people should take courses like yours in order to really be proficient and safe in real world scenarios. I, for one, feel more confident I can protect myself and others with improved situational awareness and better handgun control. Thank you. I am planning on taking more of the courses you offer. You guys were professional, knowledgeable, and you made the class fun even when teaching such “serious” material. Thanks Omari for sharing your wealth of knowledge and for really stressing the importance of fundamentals. It was a fantastic class that truly helped me think about and react with situational awareness. Hope to see you back in AZ soon.”
Abigail Villodas

“First off my experience in shooting: I'm a recreational shooter. I've been shooting religiously for about 5 years and am experienced with pistols, rifles, shotguns and reloading. I shoot/practice about 2-8 times a month. Day 1 was mostly instruction then application. Each exercise was explained thoroughly and at no point did I feel overwhelmed with what was being taught. What I loved about this class is that it explains how and why we react to certain types of situations. The instructor, Mike Desargo, gave us a look into the science of the brain then teaches how train our reactions. We then applied this to our shooting. A lot of their training made sense logically and we were able to back it up in most of our drills. Each drill served its purpose and the awesome instruction by Mike made things flow well. Throughout the day they became more challenging but it definitely helped shape us as shooters. Day 2 was mostly going over all the drills and exercises we learned from day one. It involved more shooting time and more one on one time with Mike. During the one on one shoots Mike focused on your flaws. He’d identify them, explain how it could be done better and why, and then he worked to make you a stronger defensive pistol shooter. Anyone that wanted to continue one on one instruction was welcomed to do so. Mike made it a point to ask anyone if they wanted to run a drill or exercise again. Overall I believe this training was worth it and recommend it to anyone. Not only did I see improvement in my shooting, it increased my confidence level and armed me with knowledge on how to protect myself. I’m a believer in 10x. It was amazing to see new shooters using loaner guns begin the course off hitting one of 2-5 shots high center chest to hitting it multiple times by the end of day one! This just shows you how good the course instruction was. I’m looking forward to taking more classes with 10x. For anyone interested in taking this course, you will not be disappointed!”
A. Belenzo

“I too took a class with 10x and Omari & Eli were the instructors. I can't begin to tell you how much this system made logical sense. It took some time to set aside some previous training, but once I did, this stuff became intuitive. Both Omari and Eli took the time to explain an answer to whatever questions I had. The system and the class was exceptional.”
Butch Becker

Owner, Ammo Supply Warehouse

Like I said in another thread, I was most impressed with the dramatic improvement seen by several shooters during the course. Results matter! And we all saw results. I have been to other courses taught by world-renowned instructors where some of the students left the course just as bad as they had come in—sometimes worse! In those cases, the curriculum had become too rigid, too dogmatic, and the instructors were too inflexible to take the time to feed the same information different ways to different people. So some people walked out not getting their money’s worth. Not so with 10X Defense’s course instructors. They were able to tailor the material to each shooter’s needs and make sure everyone walked out having pushed their personal limits further. I ran the entire course with a teeny G26 and pushed myself to shoot as well as with a G19/17/34. Thanks to everyone who attended for a truly enjoyable course!
D. Chang