CrossFitters, Martial Artist, and others during a lecture session at the Blauer Tactical Systems 2011 Combatives Camp

I have been around various instructors in the hand to hand/ martial arts world and there is one thing that has been rubbing me the wrong way. Selling Self-Defense classes with the focus on Fitness. I understand from the business point of view that people want to get fit and you will get no push back from me there, however, I think we are doing our clients a dis-service.

I vote we as combatives instructors focus on making our client more dangerous to the predators who are focused on killing or injuring them. In other words lets KEEP IT REAL! Lets get our clients to focus on developing life saving skills in DETECTING danger, DEFUSING the Bad Guy, and if necessary DEFENDING themselves. (NOTE: Detect, Defuse, Defend are the “3 D's” in the S.P.E.A.R. System)

Leading clients to improving fitness by being involved in combatives classes are a good thing. As Coach Blauer would say, “Aerobics gets you to the fight, Anaerobics gets you through fight, Aerobics gets you home.” Getting in shape and losing weight in a combatives setting is one of the benefits of hard training (a “correlate” as Coach Glassman would say. But if you want them to get in shape get them involved in a fitness program that mirrors life tasks (HINT, HINT: CROSSFIT!).

The biggest issue I have with this trend is the mindset. In combatives the mindset must always be there and your training environment is key in developing that mindset. Will being in shape help you in a fight, ABSOLUTELY. But, being in shape shouldn't be the focus on getting people to train.

By saying this I may be dooming myself to never having tons of clients, but I'll take 10 people who are focused on learning the mindset, strategies, and tactics to survive in the real world any day. And you can guarantee CrossFit will be included in the curriculum, but not the curriculum.

Til' next time WARRIORS…

Train HARD!

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