In most martial arts belt rankings are a way for students to measure their knowledge and gain a sense of accomplishment. In the years I have practiced various martial arts and combative systems, I think the highest belt I received was my blue belt in BJJ. I am proud to hold that rank (hoping to get back in the game in the near future), but belt rank doesn't necessarily mean your street self-defense tactics are up to par.

Coach Blauer taught me to think of progression in the following stages: Static, Dynamic, and Alive. Static is doing a series of movements slow and experiencing the feel of each stage in the sequence of movements. Dynamic is performing the series of movements in a fluid manner with follow thru and adding in the speed component. Alive is when you are able to experience a replicated attack at the fastest (safest) speed maintaining good “Bad Guy” behavior (with “Points of Safety” in place).

Ponder these points and implement this progression in your training, let me know how it goes. Video blog post with further explanation coming soon. Until then feel free to hit me up for questions.

Train HARD!

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