BTS Extreme Close Quarter Weapons Protection Course 2011

I was on a phone conference with a security professional and a life long friend, we were talking about various emergency communications plans for international vehicle transports. It is always a pleasure for me to consult for professionals in the field so I carved 20 minutes out of my hectic schedule to provide the information he needed. During our conversation we talked about the recent power outage that occurred in southern California leaving the city without power for up to 13 hours. For looters it was like Christmas, but on the other end of the spectrum, camera systems used to watch over major businesses and possibly our borders were also affected.

What does this mean to you….

What is your backup plan?

Does your house alarm an alternate means to notify police or fire department?

Do you have a backup firearm for home defense?

Do you have an alternate communications medium?

Think of all your primary means of dealing with a threat and develop backup plans.

Train HARD!

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