10X Defense Founder Invited to speak with RockTape International Affiliates…


I was invited to speak at the RockTape International Affiliate Meeting held in Carson, Ca.  First let me thank “Team RockTape” for warm welcome and OUTSTANDING hospatality.

At the meeting I had to the opportunity to meet some great people from all over the world.  The main reason I was invited was to give the RockTape staff and affiliates my opinion on how Rocktape can enhance the performance of “Tactical Athletes” around the world.  After spending 20 years (and still going) as an armed professional, I can honestly say I recommend Rocktape not only for its rehabilitation qualities, but also its ability to enhance efficient movement.

I was introduced to RockTape by Dr. Brandon Trujillo (Chiropractic Revolutions).  While attending a Combat Focus Shooting course, Dr. T (as we call him) offered to tape students for various pains.  I then started asking questions about how the tape could enhance training.  For instance, if a student has issue with getting themselves in a good shooting platform, could the tape be applied to reinforce the most efficient positions and movements.  The answer after two days of discussion and testing is yes!!!

After meeting the Founder of RockTape (Greg van den Dries) and his team of professionals I could see why RockTape is successful at what they do…  They are passionate about their product and educating their various types of users.

The science behind how RockTape works is worth a look.  If you are a personal defense instructor (for firearms or unarmed) start researching the benefits of RockTape, because sooner or later you will have a student show up to a training session with the tape applied.

Stay tuned for more information on RockTape and how it can be used to enhance your training on and off the range!

Omari Broussard
10X Defense, Founder

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