I heard someone say, “Opportunities are like whispers”.  You have to really pay attention when one comes along and most of all TAKE ACTION!  A couple of months ago I was doing some business research and ran across a coaching program that taught business owners how to multiply their efforts and develop a 10X mindset.  What if your defensive skills were increased by 10 times?

As I look back to the beginning of my training I realized that I am now 10x’s better than I was then due to a solid strength and conditioning program, understanding my how my body responds to danger, and developing efficiency in my weapons handling.  As an Instructor I have seen my students multiply their skill and knowledge base by exposing them to the systems (i.e. CrossFit, S.P.E.A.R. System™/PDR, and Combat Focus® Shooting, which started Synergy Defensive Solutions.

Early in my training career I was taught that it wasn’t about how good I was, but how good I could make my students.  I now have a more defined focus on how good I want to make my students and clients in protecting themselves and their loved ones.  Most importantly I have a team and advisory board that is just as committed, as I am to ensure the mission is accomplished.

With that said my friends you will be witness to a transition in my company.  Synergy Defensive Solutions Group is fading away and 10X Defense is taking its place.  The goal of 10X Defense is to help law-abiding citizens develop “Force Multipliers” in there self-defense training.  We will still be providing Combat Focus® Shooting as our core defensive shooting program.  In the near future we will also be providing “Critical Incident Medicine”, “Critical Incident Combatives” powered by Personal Defense Readiness™, and a few specialty courses.

Your support is appreciated in this endeavor and we look forward to seeing you on the training grounds.

Note: the Synergy Training Project Blog will maintain its name so feel free to drop by and leave comments!

PS…Standby for 10X Jiu Jitsu Academy and 10X Tactical – Late 2012

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