Why are you training?

In the last year I had to refocus my training priorities. Coach Blauer made mention at the BTS Combatives Camp that we as people look at “cool” techniques and think to ourselves “Wow, I want to do that cool move.” Most of the time the move is choreographed to look effortless and exciting in order to draw attention. The harsh reality is if our training is based on a coolness factor it is probably not applicable to dealing with a threat determined to hurt or kill us. Training in context is a phrase we use in the Combat Focus Shooting program to help clients understand why we are developing a specific skillset. A law enforcement officer's context is different than a private citizen. Although they both should train with firearms, the circumstances under which the firearm is employed vary. Training MMA has merit and value, but depending on this type of training to defend yourself against a gun wielding assailant may put you behind the curve.

Identify your context and prioritize your training to match. You will ensure your training budget is being invested properly along with adding efficiency to your training approach. Remember: Its not who is right, but who is left (BTS Maxim).

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    • TXGunGeek

      Excellent points. We try to stress this to students that we base our skill choices and our FoF scenarios based on real life situations and use those to develop standard responses to those threats.

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