I was assisting Coach Blauer earlier this year at a seminar and he made a comment in reference to the focus on techniques in self-defense.  His comment has been in my head for months, “As self-defense coaches we focus to much on technique.”  It wasn't until last night that his comment turned into a solid principle for me.

A while back in Lakeland, Fl. a gunman killed his wife, then walked to his former church, shot the lead Pastor in the head, and then put three rounds in the back of another victim.  Two other church members subdued the gunman and disarmed him.  On the news one of the church members that dealt with the gunman said as the police were on the way he pointed the gun at the gunman and stated, “If you try to run or escape, I will shoot you.”

Think about it….  You are in church, praising the Lord and a gunman walks in and shoots your Pastor and another member…AND STOP!  What is going through your mind? Run, hide, scream.  Imagine the chaos, people screaming, frozen is shock, the confusion.  What technique would you use?

I'm almost banking on the fact that the two men that ACTED didn't train in gun disarms.  Now let's refer to a previous post I did on the “3 Golden Rules.” I am sure the did accept the situation, got challenged, didn't stop thinking, and most of all they penetrated the “reactionary gap” and charged the threat.

I cannot stress the importance of training 3 dimensionally, you need a system that incorporates mental, psychological, and physical tools to deal with violent situations.  Having a thousand techniques is cool for sport or exhibition, but most importantly you need a system that will tap into your natural survival system and get you into action before the predator knows what is happening (think creature from the movie “Alien”).

Train HARD!!

LINK TO ARTICLE: 1 Killed, 2 Hurt In Lakeland Home, Church Shooting (Wesh.com Orlando)

RESOURCE: For more information on the “3 Golden Rules” and Personal Defense Readiness check out www.pdrteam.com to contact a certified PDR Coach.

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