Greg's Question (taken from Personal Defense Readiness Group on Facebook):
I want to stress that I'm not posting this to generate discussions on race, but to point out the real-world implications of looking and acting like a soft target. Would love to read everyone's thoughts on this.
My Answer:
This is a great example of the wolf going after the sheep (race is irrelevant).  The individual picked a group of people that he believed would be easy to mug.  I believe all predators choose a particular group of victims based on prior success.  Taking into account the suspects age and level of knowledge he could have been in places where “white” people acted as if they were scared of him.  Other the other side of the coin, he could have attempted robbing black, asian, etc. and was unsuccessful.  To dive in a bit deeper, let's assess the environment…  Most people don't go to a state fair and worry about being mugged.  For the most part state fairs are family events, metaphorically its like the sheep going to pasture (no disrespect to the patrons).  A wolf is a wolf (whether young or old) and the sheep dogs didn't get to him early enough.  To sum this all up, he chose the path of least resistance.
Thanks for the dialog…Be Safe!
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