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10X Defense founder's Daughter taking her first Combat Focus Shooting Class

In response to a Facebook group called “One Million Mom's for Gun Control”, Wrong Woman program developer Kelly Muir started a Facebook page called “Second Amendment Women.”

Kelly says, “This page was founded for women who choose to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right. We believe that responsible gun ownership, whether for self defense, hunting or sport purposes is our constitutional right.”

10X Defense has been serious about training Women in Defensive shooting and unarmed Personal Defense. Every woman on the 10X Defense staff has been trained with the men, on purpose. We have a saying at 10X Defense, “Our strength and resolve is driven by our Women.”

Combat Focus Carbine - 10X Defense
Kelly Muir – Founder of the Wrong Woman program and Instructor Revolution

In reading the book called “Warrior Ethos” by Steven Pressfield, he writes the first two chapters on Mothers and Women. In one part he talks about how the King of Sparta, Leonidas chose the 300 Spartan warriors based on the strength of their Women. The following paragraph really stuck out to me:

“The lioness hunts. The alpha female defends the wolf pack. The Warrior Ethos is not, at bottom, a manifestation only of male aggression or of the masculine will to dominance. Its foundation is society-wide. It rests on the will and resolve of mothers and wives and daughters-and, in no few instances, of female warriors as well-to defend their children, their home soil and the values of their culture.” (Pressfield, S. – Warrior Ethos, Chapter 2 “Women First)

Combat Focus Shooting - 10X Defense
Dynamic Training is recommended for Women to develop realistic Defensive Shooting skills


Ladies please…STAND UP!!!


Second Amendment Women -

Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield

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