A Handgun, Two Magazines, and $1000

What’s Next? 

by Omari Broussard

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Posted: January 17, 2013

(courtesty of Personal Defense Network)

Range Instruction
Training is an investment that will pay
dividends in the long run.

Many people who buy a handgun fall into one or more categories: recreation, competition, or self-defense. Normally I find those who buy a gun for recreation or competition understand the budget required to manage their new hobby. But people who buy a handgun for self-defense often aren't knowledgeable about the associated expenses of training, practice and equipment.

There are plenty of articles and resources dedicated to helping self-defense shooters understand why they should train, but not many on how to go about budgeting for training. If you look at those who decide to take unarmed self-defense training, they have most likely taken the following steps: researched training providers, viewed the costs, decided their commitment level, visited a number of providers, and committed to training. Most self-defense schools advocate that students take ongoing training in order to further develop their self-defense skills.

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(Note: Omari Broussard is the Founder of 10X Defense.  He has been writing for Personal Defense Network since 2012)

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