I can remember shooting my first handgun at the age of 13.  I used to think that all there was to shooting was hitting the target.  Especially the “X” ring, the only target to hit.  Fast forward to when I joined the military and the quest of chasing the majic “300” score, never did.  But because I never got a perfect score did that mean I was incapable of shooting the enemy?  Enter Combat Focus Shooting…  I felt as though I was freed from the Matrix with principles like “Combat Accuracy” and “The Balance of Speed and Precision”.  Since I achieved one of the hardest certifications in the defensive shooting arena I know of, the Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Certification, I realized that I had been lied to.  I don't believe my instructors meant to lie to me, but I do believe that as a student I didn't ask the right questions….

Combat Accuracy is ANY shot that significantly affects

the targets ability to present a lethal threat.” – Rob Pincus (owner I.C.E. Training, Company.)

What is the first thing a person should learn when they handle their first firearm? Should it be target shooting, “instinctive shooting”, how to shoot IDPA or other competitions?  I tell my clients and potential clients that it is really up to them what direction they wish to go, just know where you are going.  Defensive shooting is a very different animal compared to the other shooting disciplines.  One big difference is you are training to kill someone who presents a credible threat to your life or those you love.

The Introduction to Defensive Handgun course provides the following principles:

  • Overview of Defensive Handgun Types
  • Understanding the Context of Defensive Shooting
  • Fundamentals of Intuitive Defensive Shooting
  • The Balance of Speed & Precision
  • Home Defense Scenarios

These are the core principles that are critical to developing a firm foundation in Defensive Shooting.  I also believe these principles help the Defensive Shooter to spend their limited time and resources wisely.

I encourage you all to seek out quality Defensive Shooting and pass it on to those who you know make Self-Defense a priority

Be Safe and Train HARD!


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