I can remember a time when I believed I had all the answers and my training was spot on. Those days are long gone… (getting older will do that to you).  As I started teaching across the country (hell, around the world).  I noticed a large number of students that were plagued with the most dangerous attitude known to man.  This attitude has been known to topple civilizations, let alone leaders of powerful nations.  Complacency has the to be the number one killer of operators in the field (Law Enforcement and Military), outside of being killed in the line of duty.

As a trainer and coach I have reached a point in my career where I am now training the upper echelon of athletes and operators.  I can tell you they all are fighting everyday to guard themselves against this killer.  Just because there is no “Action” doesn't mean your number will not be called.  For my athletes…just because you aren't competing against a ranked opponent doesn't mean you can't be beat.  For my operators…the enemy is always the enemy, determined to kill you.  For my citizens…don't think it can't happen to you, prepare for the worst.

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