I.C.E. Training, Co. Staff - 2011 Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference

I was fortunate to attend my first International Combat Focus Shooting Instructor Conference (4th Annual).  Although I have been an Active instructor since 2007 in the CFS program, I make it a point to attend Instructor Development every year to keep up with new information and more importantly the evolution of our principles, skills, and drills.  I have to say without a doubt that the Instructor Conference has been the best CFS event I have attended.  The level of information I gained from Rob and the rest of the Instructor staff has already improved my teaching and CFS business practices.  If there was a theme I had to pick it would be, “Team Development”.  As our program grows it is vital for us as instructors to keep our teaching skills at a high level in order to preserve quality control within the program.  I also realized my deficiencies as an instructor and areas where I need to improve.  In my opinion Defensive Shooting Instructors need to constantly improve their teaching skill, above their shooting skill (my opinion).

The FITShot event blended Defensive Shooting Practice and Physical movements (i.e. Deadlift, sit-ups, etc.).  It was a challenging yet rewarding event and went well with our Team Development theme.  It was good to see my brother instructors giving it all they had on the field.  Although there are plenty of LE/MIL personnel doing range fitness I believe our course is right up there with the best of them.  Looking for to implementing the FITShot programming in my next course (Nov 2011).

After spending 17 hours on the range and in the classroom the instructor cadre sat in the lobby of the hotel swapping successes, failures, and philosophies.  It was like sitting around a camp fire in the woods after a good day of gunpowder and desert sand activities.  We toasted to Fallen warriors and laughed at the “Honey Badger” video (classic).

My position in the conference came as a surprise to me as Rob had me perform the duties of the Lead Trainer.  I can remember in 2007 as a Combat Focus Shooting Instructor candidate wondering if I would pass the exam due to the 50% attrition rate, I studied every second I could spare.  Now after almost 5 years spreading Combat Focus Shooting worldwide, my responsibilities have increased.  I am constantly being pushed to the next level and challenged with passing my experiences within the program to students and now fellow instructors, it is a true Honor.

The last day of the Conference I was the student again as I was able to participate in the Combat Focus Carbine Instructor certification.  A pure blast of a time!  I was able to run my rifle (fresh from the shop) and learn more efficient skills to pass on to my students.

In closing the most important thing I realized is the responsibility I carry as a Combat Focus Shooting Instructor.  Are we considered “Renegades”?  Maybe.  I do know that we will always teach gun owners to be more dangerous and will do it with INTEGRITY!


Omari Broussard

Synergy Defensive Solutions


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