Active Shooters…a reflection

As a Father, Uncle, Brother, and Grandfather of young children I sit here reflecting on today's event in CT.  As a member of the Armed Forces and teacher of Personal Protection my resolve towards protecting my family and teaching others to protect theirs is at an all time high.  My resolve to continue my mission of educating law-abiding citizens and public safety personnel on how to protect themselves, their communities, and family is even more solid.

About four years ago I had the privilege and honor to be trained by Lt Col (ret) Dave Grossman.  I was more concerned about the science behind what he was teaching, but today reminded me of the lecture he gave on school safety.  Mr. Grossman educated us on the vulnerabilities of our schools.  He has been on the front lines educating school administrators on how to be prepared for violence.

After doing some study on Active Shooter incidents like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Santee school shooting, and others I can tell you that it is not the tools used, but the individuals that carry out these murder sprees is where the problem is.  They pick venues like schools, malls, and other vulnerable areas because they know the lack of resistance they will encounter.

Wolves hunt sheep…. violence is a reality in our society.  Before there were guns, there were edged weapons.  It is not the tool that is to blame, but the criminal mind that is at fault.  So what do we do?  Education and training are the key components to fighting this problem.  The government can implement whatever laws they choose, but murderers don't follow laws.

At the end of the day it is our responsibility as citizens to protect our homes, schools, and public places.  Law enforcement officers are a reactive solution, they arrive once the killing has started.  Every citizen has the opportunity to invest in training on how to protect themselves and the tools.

As an Instructor and owner of a Personal Defense training company I choose to use my knowledge and experience to educate citizens on how to prepare for the worst.  Active shooter incidents don't happen often, but when they do it is tragic.  The knowledge on how to survive is out there.  Take time from your busy schedules, get out and train.

For now remember this…..

If you find yourself in an Active shooter situation use these principals:

  • Evade
  • Hide/ Barricade
  • Arm
  • Communicate
  • Respond

Evade – get out of the area as quick as possible.  Be aware of exits and entries of places you visit.

Hide – Barricade yourself in a secure space.  Use furniture and other objects to block entry to your position

Arm – Not everyone has the opportunity to carry a concealed firearm, but think about what objects you can use to protect yourself

Communicate – Use your cell phone to call for support.  If you feel that talking may give you away, text.  Also, communicate with those around you.  Try to keep calm and speak clearly

Respond –  If all else fails be ready to defend yourself at all cost.  Fight with all you have use whatever means necessary to stop the threat

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