I can remember back in 2005 when I first met Rob Pincus over email asking him about EP work in the private sector… Fast forward 7 years and here we are.  Why so long you ask? Well multiple deployments have the tendency to interrupt a schedule.

The 10X Defense Staff and I are constantly refining our skills whether on the range, on the mat, in the gym, or any other medium to keep us sharp.  I called Rob late 2011 and asked him if I could host his Introduction to Executive Protection course here in sunny Ca.  He agreed and we went to work, a classroom, range, rental vehicles, firearms, role players all played a big part in pulling off the 3 day course of instruction.

Day one consisted of principles and concepts taught in the classroom.  Rob taught us about what EP really is…”Taking Care of the Client”, period.  This concept was the main one of the day.  An EP professional may find there is more time spent ensuring the client's day goes smoothly, more than chasing down threats.  We also talked about client interviews, threat assessments, budgets, and how to develop a security plan.

Day two we spent the morning reviewing the concepts from the previous day and then added on mock client interviews on other students, driving skills, and preparations for our live scenarios for the evening.  The scenarios consisted of experiencing a client interview, driving the client, maintaining a schedule, escorting client in public (a major mall), and being on the lookout for the client's threat.  Day two was a looonnnggg day!

Day three we spent on EP Tactics.  On the range we practiced counter ambush shooting individually and then with a client.  I can tell you engaging a target efficiently with a person holding on to you and moving you around can prove to be challenging to say the least.  Needless to say we had a BLAST!  We then moved on to more escort techniques and equipment lecture.

Rob explained to us that the Intro course is just that, an Intro course.  During the debrief the students all agreed that Rob did an outstanding job giving us an idea of how challenging, yet rewarding EP work can be.

10X Defense would like to thank Rob for his knowledge and mentorship!

Check out I.C.E Training Company for more course offerings from Rob Pincus

Until next time…Train HARD and DOMINATE the Battlespace!


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