Well Warriors…I've had a whirlwind time since my last post.  In the last 3 weeks I conducted Synergy Defensive Solutions Group's first “Strategic Meeting”.  My staff and I locked ourselves in my “War Room” where we set our course for 2012.  We are committed to bringing our clients the best in Personal Safety training.  Look out for our courses coming soon (First one is the “Introduction to Defensive Handgun”, 14 Jan 2012)!  Also, we are committed to putting our clients in touch with our Strategic Partners for the ultimate in Defensive Solutions.

I also provided some personal training for clients that spend most of their professional time traveling overseas.  I was able to provide them viable solutions to protect themselves and their co-workers while traveling in some of the most dangerous environments.  It is always an honor to help people understand how they can take responsibility for their own safety.

And the greatest GIFT of all my Wife and I were blessed with the birth of our twins Kaedyn and Khoen (The Wonder Twins)!!!!  They are truly miracles being born to a Mother who was told she would never carry children and Khoen came into to the world faced with a brush from death, but he reigned VICTORIOUS.

So there you have it folks….oh yeah I almost forgot the cool stuff, Lol.

Lesson for Today:

Three words: Personal, Passionate, Present…

Coach Blauer taught me that you will need an emotional trigger to get you moving when you are on the ground getting stomped on to keep you motivated to survive.  The trigger has to be something that is Personal to you, something you are Passionate about, and it exist in the Present.  For some it will be their children, for others a material item.  Whatever it is, it is yours!!!  No one can tell you what your 3 P's are, but you have to believe in them.  I can tell you what mine are: My Family, my wonderful Wife and my 6 children.  They are my 3 P's.  I realize that I am the main provider for them and they depend on me to provide them the resources for them to survive.  I provide the resources for my Wife to live her dream and raise our children.  My Children depend on me to protect them and give them the knowledge they need to survive in this cruel world.  My eldest child was recently blessed with my Grandson who at 6 months depends on me to provide support for his mother (when she ask for it and that is rare..)

As you enjoy Christmas and New years, use this time to re-affirm what you are passionate about and use it as a trigger to SURVIVE should the scenario require it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! and God Bless

Be Safe and Train HARD!!!

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