I have to say that 2011 was a pivotal year.  Not just because of the challenges, but because of the knowledge.  I was given many opportunities this year, the biggest one being an opportunity to team teach with one of my mentors and dear friend Rob Pincus.

Rob has the ability to push me past whatever limits I think I have and this year I was pushed.  Thank You Rob!

In fact Rob is a HUGE reason why I decided to actually develop a Training Consulting company and once again push past my self-imposed limits.

Join me in the development journey and get access to Enhanced Training content (video, audio, etc.), get access to private LIVE and Web-based training sessions, and Special Offers for Members ONLY discounts on course tuition by signing-up for the WARNING ORDER Newsletter.

So without further a due I present to you a short video clip of Combat Focus Shooting courses in 2011….


    2 replies to "2011 Highlight video…Combat Focus Shooting"

    • Rob

      Honored to work with you, Brother.

    • Eli

      HOOYAH Chief!!!

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