To answer your question, 10X Defense is not dead…

In fact, we have been very active and alive. We've had some challenges this year, but we are alive and well.

I am currently in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This email is being written from the 17th floor of the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids.

I am getting ready to teach a course for the Grand Rapids Sheriff's Dept and a few other agencies in the area. On day two I will be spending a day training Executive Protection professionals.

So what else is going on at 10X Defense…

I want to first give a shout out to our Director of Training, Alessandro Padovani (Safer Faster Defense). He just had surgery and will be undergoing chemo and radiation therapy in the next few weeks.

After his surgery he traveled cross country to teach an Extreme Close Quarters course. His passion for teaching transcends his personal challenges. He deserves a standing ovation…

We have also added a new team member to the roster. Justin White (Mad Science Defense), has joined the 10X Defense family. Justin is an expert in hand to hand combatives. He is also a contributor to Personal Defense Network (check out his article on His perspective on close quarter combatives is needed in the training world today. Look forward to seeing emails and courses from Justin in the near future.

As for me, I am spending a lot of time this year working with your Nation's and community protectors. For years I've been training Law Enforcement, Security, and Military. I am honored to spend some time making our protectors safer.

I am also getting ready to retire from 21 years of military service. I officially retire in Feb 2015. Looking forward to going full time in the training industry.

You can look forward to seeing some new courses on the schedule in the near future. Fundamentals of Concealed Carry Handguns course is one course you can look forward to.

Please feel free to drop me a line at I would love to hear from you!

Until next time…

Omari Broussard Founder, 10X Defense

P.S. Our hearts and prayers go out to the Las Vegas PD officers who were ambushed recently.

Just as you would thank a military service member for their service, please thank a police officer for what they do.

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