12 – 14 October 2012, marked a huge benchmark in 10X Defense history!  10X Defense Utah staff (Mike and Darci Hoehne) hosted a three day event resulting in 30 students participating in Introduction to Defensive Handguns and Introduction to Combat Focus Shooting.

Day One: 10X Defense HQ staff (Omari Broussard, Eli Brown, and Tracy Caswell) arrived in Utah to provide instruction.  Eli Brown (Director of Operation and Defensive Firearms Coach) instructed the Introduction to Defensive Handguns (IDH) course.  The IDH course was designed to give students an education in the preferred defensive firearms and how to employ them in a home defense situation.  Omari Broussard (Director of Training) instructed an Introduction to Combat Focus Shooting for Law Enforcement.  Davis County Sheriff's Firearms Instructors learned were introduced to the rationale, principles, and concepts of Combat Focus Shooting.

Day Two: Omari and Eli taught Introduction to Combat Focus Shooting to the Range Safety Officers of Wasatch Shooting Range.  10X Defense was the first firearms training company allowed to conduct training on the Wasatch Shooting Range.  It was only proper to give the range staff a taste of what their patrons would be learning from the 10X Defense staff.

Day Three:  In observance of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, 10X Defense provided a Women's Only: Introduction to Combat Focus Shooting.  The experience level ranged from never held a gun before to instructors, a total of 19 participants.

Check out these testimonials from the weekend:

Just went through the Intro To Combat Focus Shooting…..OMGosh, I don't care if you are a newbie or feel very well trained….this course is a must for all….promise, you will learn things you never even thought of! Thanks to all our instructors today….you made it amazing.
This was the best investment and best home defensive course I could ever take! The instruction is individualized for each person in the course. The instructors take the time to make sure you understand your grip, stance, guns. It isn't just another class you sign up for and they say “here's your target hit it.” Everything you'll learn in this course is something that you'll go “wow now that just makes more sense”. Home defense is something we all need to be aware of. Girls we need to protect our homes too, so take this course learn to protect yourself, kids, and loved one. Home defense starts with us, take a stand and educate yourselves about it. Take 10X Utah home defense today you won't regret it!

10X Defense looks forward to providing more training to the residents of Utah.  More to come….

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