IDS Course San Diego, Ca.

Intuitive Defensive Shooting Skill Development Course

Take Your Defensive Shooting Skills To The Next Level...No Games, No Tricks, No BS

December 17, 2017 | Pala Shooting Range, San Diego, Ca.

10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

This one-day intensive course is designed to increase your Intuitive Defensive Shooting skills.  

We will refresh your Intuitive Shooting Fundamentals...  

Then we will ratchet up the complexity of the drills to stretch your shooting ability.  

You'll also be introduced to a number of advanced drills not included in our standard fundamental courses.  

The drills and skills you will learn can apply to home defense or concealed carry.

All Skill Levels Welcome...

If you can safely shoot a firearm we welcome you to the course!


  • Intuitive Shooting Fundaments. A review of Stance, Grip, Extension, and Trigger Control for a use in a dynamic environment.
  • Introduction to 360 Degree Presentation. How to present and handle your firearm in a 360 Degree environment.
  • Dealing with Malfunctions under fire. Get your firearm up and running in the most efficient way possible while not losing focus on the threat.
  • Introduction to Extreme Close Quarter Shooting. Dealing with threats within one-arms reach, while maintaining control of your firearm.
  • And More!

"Combines and balances mental and physical training in a unique and extraordinary way." “Omari Broussard’s course is outstanding. It combines and balances mental and physical training in a unique and extraordinary way. Omari’s instructing style is dynamic, informative and his style makes it easy for the student to retain the information and techniques. I highly recommend 10XDefense and Omari Broussard for all levels of shooters. Through his instruction, you will learn the balance of speed and precision.” Justin Lopez (Hospitality)

What You'll Need To Bring...

  • Defensive Handgun and Holster. We recommend you bring the firearm you use for personal defense (Home Defense or CCW)
  • Magazines. (3) Double Stack or (5) Single Stack (at a minimum)
  • Snacks and Plenty of Water. Hydration and fuel is important for any course with physical activity.
  • Notepad & An Open Mind. This is not your standard mechanical shooting course. You will want to take notes and leave the ego at home.

Training Time: 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

About Your Instructor

Omari Broussard has been teaching personal defense for the past 10 years. He has also earned numerous certifications in combatives and defensive firearms training. His clients include armed citizens and armed professionals.

10X Defense - Omari Broussard

Omari Broussard Founder of 10X Defense