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10X Defense provides training geared towards preparing law abiding citizens and armed professionals for the worst case scenarios. Scenarios that are Surprising, Chaotic and will most likely require lethal force to ensure safety... and ultimately Survival.

Whether you are an experienced shooter or just getting started on the path of personal defense our courses will ensure you are prepared to face the most extreme and unexpected violence.

Our philosophy is to focus on educating you on what your mind and body does automatically when faced with violence first... then we focus on integrating your defensive skills.

Our goal is to help you develop and enhance your defensive skills so they work better with what the body does naturally during critical incidents (I know this sounds all "sciency," but it is important).

"My job and ultimate goal is to make you more dangerous to your potential attacker(s)." - Omari Broussard (Founder)

Omari Broussard is the founder of 10X Defense based in Menifee, California.  He served over 20 years in the U.S. Navy (Retired Navy Chief), having completed 5 successful deployments including: Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa.
Omari has led and designed training programs in Maritime Interdiction Operations for various U.S. Navy Visit, Board, Search and Seizure Teams. He has extensive experience (over 15 years) training military, law enforcement, security professionals, and private citizens in combatives and defensive shooting.
He is also a lead Combat Focus Shooting instructor and adjunct instructor for I.C.E. Training Company. He carries certifications from I.C.E. Training Company, CrossFit, Blauer Tactical Systems, the National Rifle Association, and the U.S. Navy.
Omari's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Organization Security Management and a Master's Degree in Performance Psychology.  He has been featured in media outlets including: Fox News, Fox and Friends, Blackbelt Magazine, Armed American Radio, Personal Defense Network, and Modern Survival and Combat.
He continues to work with armed professionals and private citizens as an instructor and consultant. As a strong supporter of the firearms training community, he also mentors and coaches firearms instructors across the U.S., Mexico and Europe.
10X Defense Staff:
Eli Brown - Director of Operations/ 10X Defense SoCal
Tracy Caswell - Executive Assistant
Michael Dasargo - 10X Defense San Diego
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